Zuora and Taxamo Partnership

Zuora & Taxamo - backing the Subscription Economy®

Taxamo partners with subscription specialists Zuora to simplify complex subscription tax management scenarios. As buyers increasingly choose subscription over ownership, the Taxamo and Zuora partnership enables companies to accelerate subscription-based growth confident they meet their tax obligations in each new region and country.

How Taxamo and Zuora work together

  • The Taxamo tax engine and Zuora connect via a pre-built integration.
  • A Taxamo Tax Connector plug-in maps the Zuora model to Taxamo’s, using Zuora Liquid templates to construct the Taxamo request payload.
  • Zuora exposes the Liquid templates, making them fully customisable 
  • Tax rates and amounts provided by Taxamo become Zuora TaxationItems
  • The Zuora/Taxamo invoice solution means every invoice generated meets the requirements for the relevant tax jurisdiction

Key Features

  • Taxamo’s unique customer location determination
  • Foreign exchange rate applied at sale
  • Real-time up-to-the-minute tax calculation in bill runs
  • Global coverage including U.S. region support and address validation
  • Zuora subscription life-cycle functionality with support for:
    • Previews and amendments
    • Invoice/Credit memo generation
    • B2B validation across tax jurisdictions
  • Full access to the Taxamo REST API to extend the use of the connector if required
  • Full access to the Taxamo reporting suite built on global complex tax rules 

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