VAT/GST registration, filing and remittance

VAT/GST registration, filing, and remittance

Taxamo’s add-on VAT/GST compliance services give Taxamo Advantage clients access to our comprehensive support for registration, filing, and remittance.

As your cross-border sales expand, so does your compliance challenge. Many countries do not make details readily available, and forms, documents, web pages etc. may only be published in the local language. Filing requirements and dates vary between tax authorities, as do report formats. And payment processes can include steps that present real practical difficulties for businesses based outside the particular country.

Choose our compliance services, and we take over.

VAT/GST registration, filing and remittance add-on

Your Requirement What Taxamo’s Service Includes
VAT/GST registrations

Collecting the required registration information and documentation

Submitting applications to tax authorities

Handling subsequent questions from the authorities

De-registering in a country/region if sales stop

VAT/GST filing

Collating data for VAT/GST return reports from transaction data

Creating reports in the required format for each tax authority and presenting them to you for approval

Submitting approved reports within each separate authority’s required time frame

Dealing with any subsequent tax authority questions

Handling any VAT/GST audits required

VAT/GST remittance

Pay your VAT/GST on time via our best in class payment technology with a straight-through processing rate of 99% (Market average 95%)

Make payments to all Tax Authorities in the local currency, with a global access of 130+ currencies and 200+countries

24/7 trading enabled using fully transparent and dynamic rates

Full traceability, transparency and certainty that your tax payment has been made

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