US sales tax nexus, registration, filing and remittance

US sales tax nexus, registration, filing and remittance

Taxamo works with US-based sales tax specialists TaxConnex to provide add-on compliance services for clients using Taxamo Advantage technology. These services include establishing US sales tax liability (nexus), sales tax registration, filing and remittance - all managed by TaxConnex’s qualified CPA professionals.

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Any business selling into the US is subject to the same compliance framework as a US business selling across state borders, making tax management for US sales both challenging and complex.

The unique partnership with TaxConnex gives Taxamo clients access to a complete end-to-end solution for meeting US sales tax obligations.

TaxConnex US sales tax add-on services

Your Requirement What TaxConnex’s service includes
Establishing nexus

Evaluating your business for activities that create sales tax nexus in individual states, to establish where you have an obligation to collect and remit tax

Assessing potential risk and recommending steps to protect against exposure

Product taxability audit

Conducting a taxability review of your product and services by state, to understand whether sales tax applies to your sales or not

Tax registration

Registering your business for sales tax in the states where you have an obligation to collect and remit tax

Tax filing and remittance

Reviewing your data sources and mapping data to the respective tax returns

Preparing returns by state

Remitting payment to each taxing authority

Providing notice management and GL reconciliation reports

Providing online access to reports and images of filing/payment confirmations

Giving ad-hoc support to address day-to-day sales tax questions

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