Other Assisted IOSS solutions

This alternative solution enables you to obtain your own IOSS number and file monthly IOSS returns for your EU parcels.

Deloitte IOSS Registration Service  

Maintain a quality customer experience for your EU customers through Deloitte’s hassle-free IOSS service. Registration, monthly IOSS VAT filing and support – all for a flat fee of £2,000 per year (excl. VAT) paid monthly, plus a £300 (excl. VAT) registration charge in year one. They'll get you set up and registered for IOSS and prepare and submit your monthly IOSS VAT returns, dealing with all queries that arise along the way.

This service is best suited to businesses that are sending larger volumes of parcels into the EU each year. You'll also need to have an accounting system that is able to charge the correct VAT rate applicable on the goods you are selling into the EU and be collecting this tax at the point of sale.

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