This documentation is for Taxamo v1. If your account is with Taxamo v2 use the documentation at
If you are uncertain of your version please contact for assistance.

What transaction data do I need for the Data Import Tool?

Taxamo provides a sample CSV template that can be uploaded directly into the Taxamo merchant portal.

File columns will need to be provided in the following order. The more data you can provide the better, but at a minimum you must supply anything marked with a ‘*’.

Additional requirements in terms of format include:

  • All fields comma (,) separated (CSV).
  • String values can be wrapped in “”.
  • The header row needs to be present (its contents will be ignored)

Recent uploads

Merchants have full visibility on all of their data imports via our ‘Recent uploads’ section.

We provide a list of recent uploads with a UTC timestamp showing the upload time as well as providing a snapshot of how many sales were included in the file. See screenshot below.