This documentation is for Taxamo v1. If your account is with Taxamo v2 use the documentation at
If you are uncertain of your version please contact for assistance.

Can I cancel my Taxamo account?

There is no contract to sign with Taxamo so you can cancel at any time with no penalty or charges.

We do, however, ask for 14 days notice to ensure that the account is closed properly to allow for any pending transactions.

To cancel your Taxamo account send an email titled ‘Account deactivation’ to

This email must be sent from the same one used to create your Taxamo account. We require this simply to verify that the cancellation request comes from the correct source.

For pay-as-you-go accounts you will be charged for any transactions processed through Taxamo up to the date of the account cancellation. For prepaid (subscription) accounts you will not be refunded for any unused credits.