This documentation is for Taxamo v1. If your account is with Taxamo v2 use the documentation at
If you are uncertain of your version please contact for assistance.

Explain Test mode v Live mode

It is important to note that Taxamo does not have separate Test and Live systems. The difference between Test and Live mode setting is that it toggles between reporting of test transactions and live transactions.

The way to conduct test transactions is by using the test token and the way to conduct live transactions is by using the production token (see below).

Once you register your billing details, your Test and Live tokens are active at the same time. Tokens can be accessed from the Taxamo merchant portal via Integrate > API tokens.

Once you have completed your testing and are happy with your setup you should use the Production Token to perform live transactions. You don’t need to switch on live mode. The switch is just for viewing data.

To be clear: the slider only affects the data that is shown in the merchant portal, it does not turn on / off live.