Guide to global VAT/GST compliance rules

If you are a digital business, there are now more than 70 tax authorities around the world requiring you to charge and pay VAT/GST. By 2020, this number could rise to more than 100.

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Navigating global VAT/GST compliance rules across these countries can be a complex journey. This guide highlights the top compliance areas you need to consider when implementing a global sales strategy for digital services.

Top compliance rules for consideration:

  • Determining customer location, and tax calculation
  • Understanding tax thresholds
  • Applying foreign exchange (FX) rates
  • Compliant invoicing
  • B2B sales validation / United States tax exemption certificates
  • Data storage

This guide helps you understand the practical issues involved in incorporating place of supply taxation rules into your business operations.

Global VAT/GST compliance services

Manage your VAT/GST compliance obligations with Taxamo Advantage. This service comprises four main modules focusing on key compliance areas:

Global Location Calculation

Customer location determination for VAT/GST rate calculation

Compliant Invoicing

Compliant invoicing

Business Number Validation

Business number validation

Foreign Exhange

Foreign exchange management

Manage VAT/GST calculation globally on real-time sales. Learn more about Taxamo Advantage service.

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