Taxamo Intermediary Plus Service

Facilitating digital sales on your behalf.

Taxamo Intermediary Plus*

Taxamo Intermediary Plus* allows businesses to use the Taxamo technology platform to support the distribution of digital service sales globally. As a platform, Taxamo is liable for VAT/GST obligations on the sale. So, for countries where you use Taxamo Intermediary Plus, your business will not need to register with the local tax authority or file and remit VAT/GST. You won’t need to appoint a tax agent. Taxamo will manage foreign exchange (FX) calculation and take on FX fluctuation exposure.

There’s more. Taxamo has the liability for filing inaccuracies or any potential late fees or penalties exposure, with the relevant tax authority.

The role of the Taxamo technology platform is in line with OECD Intermediary recommendations to improve tax collection in the context of the ‘the place of supply rule’ for VAT/GST. Such rules are increasingly being applied by local tax authorities globally.

*This service is not yet available in the United States, Japan, and South Africa.

Manage your VAT/GST filings
and remittance

Through our Intermediary Plus service, Taxamo becomes part of your supply chain to facilitate the sale of digital services. This means Taxamo is liable for VAT/GST owed on these digital sales globally. The Taxamo technology platform collects, files and remits the VAT/GST due on these digital sales to the relevant local tax authorities.

Taxamo integrates seamlessly into your existing customer journey without disrupting existing processes.

Remittance Icon - Manage VAT/GST filing and remittance

Remove the need for country-by-country registrations

Taxamo registers in the countries where foreign digital businesses are required to do so, removing the need for your company to research rules and registration requirements.

Network Globe Icon - Taxamo registers in each country

Remove the need for a tax agent

With Taxamo you no longer need to spend time and effort sourcing a tax agent in the many countries that, by law, require you to do so.

Agent Icon - Remove the need for a tax agent

Settle tax in local currencies

Taxamo settles the VAT/GST due on the digital service sales directly with the relevant tax authorities, in local currencies.

Dollar Icon - Settle tax in local currency

Avoid late fees and penalties

Taxamo has the liability for all VAT/GST obligations on digital service sales, including penalties and fines for late, incorrect, or non-payment of VAT/GST with each local tax authority.

Watch and Dollar Icon - avoid tax fees and penalties

Remove FX fluctuation exposure

Taxamo manages global FX exposure, protecting you against the risk of global rate fluctuations.

FX - remove foreign currency exposure

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