Taxamo Intermediary Plus

Facilitating digital sales on your behalf.

Taxamo Intermediary Plus*

Taxamo’s technology platform facilitates global sales of digital services for our clients. As a platform, Taxamo is liable for VAT/GST and sales tax on those sales. So, for countries where you use Taxamo Intermediary Plus, your business will not need to register with the local tax authority or file and remit VAT/GST. You won’t need to appoint a tax agent. Taxamo will manage foreign exchange (FX) calculation and take on FX fluctuation exposure.

There’s more. Taxamo has the liability for filing inaccuracies or any potential late fees or penalties exposure, with the relevant tax authority.

The role of the Taxamo technology platform is in line with OECD Intermediary recommendations to improve tax collection in the context of the ‘the place of supply rule’ for VAT/GST. Such rules are increasingly being applied by local tax authorities globally.

*This service is not yet available in the United States, Japan, and South Africa.

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