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Taxamo Tailored Services

Managing global tax compliance is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ process. Every business is different, with its own unique requirements. Taxamo partners with you to understand your needs and objectives. We then work closely with your team to design a practical, global VAT/GST compliance strategy to deliver your goals.

Our modular service makes it easy for you to meet the tax requirements of all the countries you sell to. Choose the VAT/GST compliance service and functionality that best suits your business per country/region today, with the ability to enhance your Taxamo service design as your commercial needs change.

With two 'mix-and-match' services, Taxamo Advantage and Taxamo Intermediary Plus, we have the perfect model to fit your business.

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Taxamo Advantage Taxamo Intermediary Plus

Taxamo Advantage

Taxamo Advantage is Taxamo's automated tax compliance software allowing businesses to manage their own VAT/GST calculation globally. Tax rates and compliance are managed on real-time sales using four comprehensive modules that allow:

  • Real-time customer location determination
  • Business-to-business (B2B) sales validation
  • Compliant invoicing
  • Foreign exchange rate application

Our tax software allows businesses to create VAT/GST-compliant tax reports, which you can then use to file and remit your tax in each country where you have these obligations. This is the same software that Taxamo uses to manage its tax risk globally.

Laptop showing Taxamo Advantage - the core Taxamo VAT/GST compliance service.
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Identify your customer’s location in real-time

When a customer purchases a service on your website, Taxamo’s compliance algorithm ensures the correct tax treatment and calculation for that transaction in real-time.

  • Location evidence may be based on IP address lookup, credit card issuing country, billing information, business number validation, instruction from PSP. Real-time location determination conflict resolution is also possible
  • Supports bespoke OCRI (other commercially relevant information)
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Manage subscriptions and one-time payments

Taxamo supports both one-time and recurring transactions. We hold the evidence collected on the initial transaction so its VAT/GST rate can be determined for any subsequent transactions.

We also support any upgrades/downgrades throughout the recurring transaction lifecycle and reflect them accurately in appropriate tax reports and filings.

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B2B sales

Taxamo’s B2B service validates local business numbers in real-time. Compliantly manage your B2B sales processes - including offering reverse charge (no-VAT/GST) - to business customers in countries that support it.

  • Full validation of Business customer as per the local country recommendation
  • Configure B2B validation time-outs per region
  • Recheck and flag VAT/GST numbers on subscriptions
Globe Icon - Invoice Compliantly

Invoice Compliantly

Because invoicing requirements vary from country to country, they can be complex to manage. Taxamo offers compliant invoicing across multiple rules: from language requirements to lottery number support, in every country we support. So, you don’t need to worry.

  • Bilingual invoicing where required
  • Compliant credit note generation
  • Compliant foreign exchange rate indication where the tax value is required to be shown in local currency
  • Configurable rules for invoice generation
  • Signed invoice generation when needed
  • Customizable footnote and date format
  • Customizable email response
  • Ability to predefine invoice numbering sequence
  • Configurable invoice design using HTML/CSS
  • Send invoices to customers via email or share link
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Sell in any currency,
In any country

Taxamo compliantly calculates Foreign Exchange (FX) for multiple currencies, supporting sales in any currency in any country.

  • Provides appropriate FX rate on the sale invoice, according to regional rules and regulations
  • Provides FX rates for settlement reports based on the rules of the taxing country
  • Provides FX rates via API, for easy export to other reporting tools
  • Provides FX rates on refunds and transactions based on regional tax requirements
  • Ability to reference historical FX transaction reporting periods
Server icon - store data compliantly for tax audit

Store data for
audit purposes

Data storage for audit purposes varies by country (e.g. 10 years in the EU). Our solution meets all data storage compliance requirements for the countries we support - meaning your data will always be audit-ready.

  • Transaction-related data is stored in the cloud and replicated between data centers for failover and fault tolerance. We use AWS data centers within the European Union.
  • You can access all of your data at any time - either via our API or by the reporting and exporting facilities in our dashboard.
  • GDPR compliant
Graph Icon - Country-by-country tax reports

Receive detailed

Our platform allows for country-by-country reporting, giving you business-critical insight into your digital transactions and customer data via five main reporting dashboards/views:

  • Global report
  • Transactions report
  • Refund report
  • Individual transaction detail view
  • Tax reports

Taxamo Intermediary Plus*

Taxamo Intermediary Plus* allows businesses to use the Taxamo technology platform to support the distribution of digital service sales globally. As a platform, Taxamo is liable for VAT/GST obligations on the sale. So, for countries where you use Taxamo Intermediary Plus, your business will not need to register with the local tax authority or file and remit VAT/GST. You won’t need to appoint a tax agent. Taxamo will manage foreign exchange (FX) calculation and take on FX fluctuation exposure.

There’s more. Taxamo has the liability for filing inaccuracies or any potential late fees or penalties exposure, with the relevant tax authority.

The role of the Taxamo technology platform is in line with OECD Intermediary recommendations to improve tax collection in the context of the ‘the place of supply rule’ for VAT/GST. Such rules are increasingly being applied by local tax authorities globally.

*This service is not yet available in the United States, Japan, and South Africa.

Manage your VAT/GST filings
and remittance

Through our Intermediary Plus service, Taxamo becomes part of your supply chain to facilitate the sale of digital services. This means Taxamo is liable for VAT/GST owed on these digital sales globally. The Taxamo technology platform collects, files and remits the VAT/GST due on these digital sales to the relevant local tax authorities.

Taxamo integrates seamlessly into your existing customer journey without disrupting existing processes.

Remittance Icon - Manage VAT/GST filing and remittance

Remove the need for country-by-country registrations

Taxamo registers in the countries where foreign digital businesses are required to do so, removing the need for your company to research rules and registration requirements.

Network Globe Icon - Taxamo registers in each country

Remove the need for a tax agent

With Taxamo you no longer need to spend time and effort sourcing a tax agent in the many countries that, by law, require you to do so.

Agent Icon - Remove the need for a tax agent

Settle tax in local currencies

Taxamo settles the VAT/GST due on the digital service sales directly with the relevant tax authorities, in local currencies.

Dollar Icon - Settle tax in local currency

Avoid late fees and penalties

Taxamo has the liability for all VAT/GST obligations on digital service sales, including penalties and fines for late, incorrect, or non-payment of VAT/GST with each local tax authority.

Watch and Dollar Icon - avoid tax fees and penalties

Remove FX fluctuation exposure

Taxamo manages global FX exposure, protecting you against the risk of global rate fluctuations.

FX - remove foreign currency exposure

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