Flexible Integration with Taxamo

Integrate our service in the way that best suits your business.

Integration Options

Taxamo’s flexible integration options range from launching using a ‘Buy Now’ button, full Taxamo checkout form or integration into your own custom checkout process.

We can help you integrate our service in the way that best suits your business, ensuring you:

  • Retain control of your customer journey
  • Implement real-time tax compliance without impacting transaction speed
  • Receive support from our professional service and support team throughout
Laptop showing Taxamo RESTful API documentation

Tailored APIs

The Taxamo platform incorporates a comprehensive RESTful API which allows integration flexibility for customers with more complex integration scenarios. It is ideal for customers that want to maintain complete control over their own checkout page or who want a fully customizable tax logic for their customers’ checkout experience.

The Taxamo API allows you to:

  • Integrate directly with our RESTful API or use libraries in a variety of languages such as PHP, Python, JavaScript, and others
  • Handle complex business logic and payment models
  • Integrate with any PSP or any billing solution
  • Maintain complete control of your customer checkout experience and journey
  • Taxamo’s RESTful API is available for customers that want to integrate Taxamo into their checkout process while maintaining complete control over the sequence of calls and the payment methods they use.

Taxamo Checkout Form

We understand that technical coding for VAT/GST rates and compliance logic across multiple countries of sale can be complex. Maintaining correct VAT/GST rates and updates in compliance rules can be equally difficult. That’s why we have built the Taxamo Checkout Form.

  • Pre-coded tax rate logic
  • Pre-coded tax compliance rules logic
  • Pre-built integration with Stripe and PayPal
  • Future-proofed logic when VAT/GST tax rates change or tax compliance rules change
  • Support for new tax regions and territories, as new countries introduce tax laws and as your business grows and enters new markets
Phone displaying the Taxamo Checkout Form

Styling and Customizing

The Taxamo Checkout Form can be easily customized and styledWith some simple JavaScript, you can drop in a professionally styled, tax compliant checkout form that works across browsers and which is easily customized.

The form works across desktop, tablet and mobile and you can customize its look and feel using CSS styles. The checkout form can be displayed in one of three ways:

  • Overlay: Opens in a new window, with your website still visible behind the payment window
  • Embedded: Embed into your existing purchase page from the page the product/service is being sold
  • Full-page redirect: Present as an individual full-page form that the customer is redirected to

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