Taxamo Assure

Remove your VAT liabilities.

Using Taxamo’s peerless expertise in global digital VAT/GST compliance, and our extensive background in payments, Taxamo has created Assure to be the foundation for the digital trading environment. One simple integration allows digital businesses to pass global VAT/GST liabilities to Taxamo while maintaining existing payment processor relationships. We give digital businesses the certainty needed to remain VAT/GST compliant in the ever-changing global economy.

Taxamo Assure features:

  • Liability shift: VAT/GST liability shifts from the digital business to Taxamo Assure.
  • Tax calculation: Taxamo Assure seamlessly verifies the customer’s location based on evidence collected from the Taxamo Assure checkout form and applies the correct VAT/GST rate in real time.
  • Tax collection: instant VAT/GST collection at the time of payment.
  • Payment form: a fully-functional payment form that will handle the integration between Taxamo Assure and the business’ existing payment provider. Other integration options also available for enterprise clients.

Taxamo Assure benefits:

  • No: registration required with Tax Authorities for VAT/GST obligations.
  • No: VAT/GST returns to file.
  • No: complex multi-currency VAT/GST liabilities to manage.
  • No: VAT/GST to settle with multiple tax authorities.
  • No: foreign VAT/GST audit management.

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