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Standardizing international digital tax compliance

Wed, Nov 25, 2015
Addressing legislative and technical pain points for digital merchants. While merchants struggle to comply with varying and conflicting digital tax laws from around the world, a new white paper released by Taxamo outlines a number of recommendations for tax authorities that if adopted, would greatly ease the burden of compliance for digital merchants. Taking recent tax changes implemented in Europe, Japan, and South Africa as case examples, the white paper, ‘Standardizing International Digital Tax Compliance’ provides detailed background and guidance on:

Taxing digital services

Thu, Jul 16, 2015
A practical approach to communicating digital tax rules with global digital service merchants. Given the rapid pace of technological evolution a clear definition of the digital economy is difficult to provide and, as a result, increasingly difficult to legislate For. This is why communication between legislators and potentially affected stakeholders is vital from an early stage. Any legislation on the taxation of the digital economy will attempt a definition to determine what type of digital services are in scope.