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Digital tax rules in operation across the globe

Wed, Aug 30, 2017
VAT, GST, consumption tax, sales tax, use tax – no matter what term, or name, is used it is clear that the taxation of the digital economy is growing in popularity. Here we outline the tax jurisdictions where such destination-based indirect tax rules are in place. European Union Value-Added Tax (VAT) rate: 28 EU Member State VAT rates - taxation depends on location of the consumer In January 2015 new rules on the taxation of cross-border supplies of digital services to EU-based consumers came into force.

Taiwan gets serious on digital economy tax

Wed, Apr 19, 2017
Taiwan’s tax on the digital economy is now a reality. The Taiwan Tax Administration is also getting serious on enforcement with details in the country’s new digital Value Added Tax (VAT) legislation including the possible loss of a license for non-compliant foreign businesses. The rules mean foreign businesses that supply digital services (e.g. video gaming, streaming, image downloads, etc) to Taiwan residents will have to register for VAT in Taiwan, file VAT returns, and pay VAT to the Taiwan Tax Administration.