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Digital tax rules in operation across the globe

Mon, Mar 7, 2016
VAT, GST, consumption tax, sales tax, use tax – no matter what term is used it is clear that the taxation of the digital economy is growing in popularity. Digital tax rules are rolling out piece-by-piece across the globe. Photo: Pixabay Digital Tax Rules Across the Globe: Here we follow up our recent post on what international jurisdictions are planning to introduce new rules by looking at a sample of four jurisdictions where such rules already exist.

Taxamo supports South Africa digital VAT compliance

Thu, Nov 5, 2015
As of today Taxamo provides support for merchants seeking to comply with the South Africa digital VAT system. The South African Revenue Service (SARS) was one of the international pioneers in changing the approach to taxing digital services. On June 1, 2014, non-resident suppliers of certain “electronic services” to South African residents (or if payment originates from South Africa) are required to register for VAT. All the key details of the South African VAT system are contained in the ‘Registration Guide for Foreign Suppliers of Electronic Services’ , we have also compiled a useful list of FAQs on the topic.

Taxamo springs into action to support South African VAT

Thu, Nov 5, 2015
Digital tax compliance solution for domestic and international VAT on e-services. Global digital tax solution provider Taxamo, has further expanded its offering to digital service merchants by releasing support for both domestic and international South African VAT. Support for South Africa follows recent announcements by Taxamo to expand support for digital service merchants, wherever they sell. Taxamo’s solution already supports EU VAT in 28 European Union Member States, U.S. Sales & Use Tax, and Japanese Consumption Tax.