Taxamo API: Five fantastic new features

Tue May 3, 2016

We have been working hard on improving Taxamo and today we are proud to announce five fantastic new features.

These features take into account the fluid nature of the digital economy – as our merchants grow so too does our market-leading international digital tax compliance solution.

1. Invoicing templates and credit notes

First off, we are thrilled to announce a series of updates to our popular invoicing offering.

Our invoicing is fully integrated with Taxamo’s tax calculation and reporting suite. It uses the location evidence already captured by our flagship Taxamo solution to automatically create invoices that comply to rules as required on a country-by-country basis.

Our invoicing offering now includes the following:

A. Invoice template look and feel

Taxamo merchants now have the ability to customize the look and feel of the invoice template using HTML/CSS. The template scripts use Mustache, more here

This improvement means merchants can now issue invoices in multiple languages.

This feature also offers merchants the ability to customize based on a per-country and per-transaction basis (B2B, B2C, taxed, untaxed, domestic).

Invoice template customisation can be accessed in the Taxamo merchant portal via this path:

My account > Invoicing > Invoice templates

B. Support for credit notes

We know credit notes are a business necessity that’s why we have added support for credit note issuance to our invoicing offering.

In the European Union, for example, a credit note must be issued where – because of an allowance or discount or similar adjustment – the amount of VAT payable as shown on an invoice is subsequently reduced. The person who issued the original invoice should also issue the credit note.

This credit note should state the amount of the reduction in the price and the appropriate VAT. All credit notes must also contain a reference to the corresponding invoices. Where the supplier is accounting for VAT on the moneys received basis, a credit note showing VAT must always be issued.

Credit notes are accessed in the Taxamo merchant portal via this path:

My account > Invoicing > Credit note templates (or Credit note email templates)

When merchants enable the credit note option Taxamo will issue credit notes for refunds registered for transactions linked to a previous invoice.

C. Invoice email look and feel

This feature allows Taxamo merchants using our invoicing to customize the subject and body of the email template for outgoing invoice emails. This feature also includes the ability to localize the language dependent on the country.

Invoice email template customisation can be accessed in the Taxamo merchant portal via this path:

My account > Invoicing > Invoice Email templates

D. Numbering improvements

Accurate invoice numbering is a business-critical requirement and one we have always offered. Now, however, we offer an additional feature expanding the flexibility afforded to our merchants when it comes to invoice numbering. Merchants can now change the format of the auto-generated invoice numbering functionality. For example, they can have monthly or yearly, or even daily, numbering – depending on the invoice template they use.

More on our invoicing here

2. Checkout form customisation

We like to provide our merchants with options, flexibility is key in today’s fluid digital economy. Customers can access our merchants’ services from anywhere in the world and merchants need to be flexible in their interactions with these potential customers.

By default the Taxamo Checkout Form supports the English language. However, by using certain new mechanisms it is now possible for merchants to translate the checkout form into other languages to suit their business needs.

Taxamo merchants now have the ability to:

  • Detect language from an IP address: With this option enabled the Taxamo Checkout Form will use the customer’s IP address to detect and use a relevant language. If a German IP is detected then if this option is enabled the Taxamo Checkout Form will be presented to the customer in the German language.
  • Detect language from a billing country: With this option enabled the Taxamo Checkout Form will use the customer’s billing country address to detect and use a relevant language.
  • Language details: Included the ability to customise the Checkout Form to account for country-specific number formatting.
  • Translation of regular expressions: Regular expression translations are applied after the regular translations. They can be used to translate variable parts of the form, e.g. product names or error messages. Please note that country names will be translated automatically by Taxamo. One language translation can be used in multiple countries, and it is possible to provide own translations for English too.

Check out our documentation here for more on customisation.

3. Canada domestic sales tax support

Our stable of supported tax jurisdictions expanded in the last quarter when we announced support for domestic Canadian sales taxes – GST, HST and province level. This naturally includes support for Canada sales in our checkout, Taxamo.js, invoicing and subscription mechanisms too.

This means that a merchant with nexus in Canada selling digital goods and services in Canada can now use Taxamo for Canada sales tax compliance.

Taxamo launched with an EU VAT solution in January 2015 and has since expanded to support US digital tax (sales & use), Japanese consumption tax ( JCT ), South African VAT , Norway’s VOES system, and now Canadian domestic sales tax . Support for other taxation jurisdictions will be introduced throughout 2016.

You can find out more about our support for Canadian domestic sales tax here

4. Use of JSON web tokens (JWT)

We have also introduced the the use of JSON web tokens (or JWT) in the Taxamo Checkout Form for increased security and flexibility of your sales. More on JWT here

When a Taxamo merchant enables the use of JWT the tokens act like a pre-configured form that, if used, will make the checkout form more secure. The use of JWT is akin to product links, but the information is encoded in the JWT instead of configuring it in the Taxamo Dashboard.

More in our documentation section here on JWT.

5. New support FAQs

That’s not all – we have also upgraded our support offering adding an improved frequently-asked questions section to the Taxamo website. The new and improved Taxamo support section is available here

The new and improved Taxamo support landing page.

Note: Taxamo content is created for guidance only, please consult your local tax advisor.

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