Serbia is latest country to introduce VAT on foreign-supplied digital services

Tue Jan 24, 2017

The Serbian tax authority has provided the latest example of how rapidly international place of supply tax legislation is changing for digital service suppliers.

serbia vat

In mid-January 2017, it was announced that Serbian Value Added Tax (VAT) legislation was to change on April 1, 2017, with serious implications for foreign suppliers of digital services. The specific legal details of the VAT legislation change had been finalised in the Serbian Parliament in December 2016.

This move is a major alteration to existing legislation as the new rules require foreign suppliers of goods and services (including digital services) to register for Serbian VAT and appoint a VAT representative there.

The specific recalibration of Serbian VAT legislation is that if the supply is business-to-consumer (B2C) then the place-of-supply for that sale is the end customer’s location. This change will align Serbian VAT legislation with the European Union’s, where there were similar rule changes (specifically for digital services) introduced back in January 2015.

Little notice given to digital vendors - a recent trend

In common with recent changes in India, global digital suppliers have been given little indication that a rule change was in the legislative pipeline nor what the likely requirements of such legislation might be.

These developments give digital businesses little time to comply with the legislation. This is a global trend that looks likely to continue into 2017.

Key changes

Taxamo’s analysis of the Serbian VAT rule changes has established the following key points:

  • The current VAT rate in Serbia is 20%.
  • There is no threshold for this law, so any sales to a Serbian consumer will require compliance by a foreign digital supplier with the law.
  • There is currently no online facility for foreign suppliers to register.
  • Suppliers need a tax agent in Serbia to prepare and file their VAT returns.
  • This rule change, and the fact that there is no threshold, will mean compliance will be very costly if the sale amounts are low.
  • Penalties for various levels of non-compliance range from from RSD (Serbian dinar) 10,000 (approx. €80) to RSD 2 million (the equivalent of €16,000).
  • Penalty interest on VAT due beyond statutory deadlines is 14.25%.

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