Inaugural Global Digital VAT/GST Summit, hosted by Taxamo

Wed Aug 9, 2017

Online commerce is exciting, but also complicated. The levels of complexity in trading globally will increase further as more international tax jurisdictions change their systems and target global digital businesses.

Global Digital VAT/GST Summit

From Taxamo’s role in dealing with leading digital businesses from around the world, and from our engagement with international tax authorities, it has become apparent that the taxation of foreign digital services presents unique policy communication challenges.

The root of this problem lies in the fact that businesses impacted by these rules are, by definition, not present in the country where the tax is levied. This poses unique challenges, both for businesses who need to figure out what they need to do to comply, and for tax authorities who must communicate the governing regulations to these impacted foreign businesses.

It is for this reason that Taxamo is hosting the first Global VAT/GST Summit in London’s SOHO Hotel on Thursday, October 5.

If your business sells digital (non-physical) goods and services to customers worldwide then this Summit is for you.

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What to expect from the Summit

  • The latest update on policy developments impacting digital businesses selling globally.
  • Special keynote address by Piet Battiau, Head of the Consumption Taxes Unit of the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD).
  • Tax authorities from several countries, including HMRC and Irish Revenue, will provide insight on the key features of their compliance systems & requirements.
  • Interactive discussion, allowing participants to gain deeper understanding of the specific rules that are likely to impact their business or their clients. Topics covered will include registration, filing returns, audits, retrospective compliance, among others.
  • Practical information for digital businesses on systems that are typically impacted by digital tax rule changes. Areas that will be addressed include checkout process, invoicing, pricing strategy, refunds, recurring transactions, treasury, FX and bank settlement.
  • Direct insight from senior tax experts within global digital businesses on how they manage the challenges of complying in multiple countries
  • The key focus of this discussion will be finding ways to keep compliance simple and manageable, while at the same time ensuring that digital business remain compliant - creating a level playing field for all, while safeguarding VAT revenues.
  • Throughout the day there are opportunities ask questions and network with speakers and other attendees. The Summit Agenda is designed to be a discussion forum where information can be shared openly.

Event format

This is a half-day afternoon event, kicking-off with a networking lunch from 12pm. The official agenda begins at 1pm and runs until 5.30pm. For those who can stay, there is a post-Summit Networking Drinks Reception at the SOHO Hotel.

Who should attend?

Senior executives, CEOs, CFOs and CTOs from digital businesses, Indirect Tax Managers, Tax Advisors, Accountants and Association and Industry leaders representing members of the digital services industry.


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More information

Click here for more details on the Summit agenda and speakers.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the SOHO Hotel, London, on Thursday, October 5.

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